The Covid 19 Plan


I have received the following feedback.

Friday, August 21, 2020: Iím impressed by the depth of thought and detail outlined in your plan.  Much like the war effort in the 40ís, if the country could mobilize to defeat this enemy, the pandemic might be eradicated.  But it wonít work in our time for several reasons:


  1. Our country is too diverse and divided.  The plan relies upon people cooperating.  I suspect many people and businesses (possibly 50%) would view this as government intrusion in their lives.
  2. Our borders are porous.  The virus would find itís way back into our country through international travel, immigration and trade. We rely too heavily upon other countries for everyday commodities.   Itís a small world.
  3. Without a vaccine, worldwide herd immunity will never be achieved.  New Zealand is a good example.  They have completely shut the country down and closed their borders to international travel.  Yet, new cases are cropping up with no evidence of contact. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020.  I have reviewed your plan. Unfortunately, with respect, I feel it is both impractical and impossible. A complete 14-day country-wide quarantine would be devastating to the economy, not to mention the fact that the businesses and organizations that we rely on daily far exceed the food, bar, and personal hygiene services.

Who is going to run our power plants, handle sewer and water, and the thousand of other businesses and industries that are a necessity to our society? How about the homeless and the poor who live in crowded tenement housing? Or the hordes of migrant workers who live five families packed in the basement of a small home (my sister-in-law lives in such a neighborhood)? They will continue to spread the virus while the rest of us are caged up.

You canít mandate smart. Your plan assumes that everyone is rational, reasonable, and has good sense. In my experience this is far from the case. Just look at the rioting, looting, and mass unauthorized demonstrations that have gone on in recent days, all of which are against the law.

ĎAmerica Strongí is a good slogan, Iíll grant you that, and we will prevail, but we have to learn to live with the virus until it runs its course like viruses have done a million times in history. We can fight it and save some lives but the reality is mother nature is in command. For the most part, we are spitting into the wind. At best, we are spreading out its impact over a longer length of time.

A vaccine can be a game changer but not a cure to irradiate the disease. It can save lives for some but not the majority.

The polio epidemic was not ended by vaccine, it was subdued. Vaccines themselves killed thousands in India and many hundreds of American children in the 50s. It took 40 years to develop an effective vaccine and that was a happy accident while attempting to culture chicken pox.

Those who think isolation, quarantine, or miracle vaccines developed in six months will end this epidemic need to study the true science of viruses. Viruses are not living beings. They are molecules that carry chemicals that bond adversely to our cells. You donít kill a virus in the normal sense because it is not alive. The body must develop an immunity naturally. That is what the body is designed to do. As long as a person is not immune they run the risk of reacting to the virus. A vaccine attempts to cause the body to develop an immunity before it meets the full onslaught of the virus.

All that is not to say we shouldnít do what we can to avoid getting sick, but the avoidance should not result in more harm done than that done by the virus. We need to look at the whole picture and how a pandemic and our reaction to it affects society as a whole.

Sorry for the ramble. I donít expect that you will agree but at least it may add more to your thought process as your plan has done for mine.

I also contacted The White House, Senator's Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, but have not received any response from any ot them.  I have, however, received feedback from President-elect Joseph Biden.  His plan seems to coincide with my plan in most respects.

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