Implementation of the Covid 19 Plan

Implementation of the Covid-19 Plan

The purpose of a 14-day quarantine is to use common sense practices to avoid any future spread of the disease.  This would mean that NO person-to-person contact should be made unless extremely necessary. This would be a mandate that is enforced across the board for persons of all ages, with just a few exceptions.

For the most part, non-essential employees would be furloughed and have a mandatory stay-at-home order.

Since the food industry is so vital to our economy, employees could continue to work, but do it safely with the use of gloves and face masks.  Customers can use their phone apps to order their products as usual, but they must be delivered to your home.  No one would be allowed in the stores, and there would be no pickups at the store either.

The benefit would be that the food industry would remain active, and a minimal amount of employees would be available to make the food and the deliveries.  Bars and clubs would be prohibited from inviting crowds of people.  They could take food orders just as others in the food and restaurant industries do, but their doors would be closed to the public.

Since the transportation industry is so vital to the economy, they would remain in force as usual.  Consumers will be purchasing goods during the quarantine and the products must be delivered.  This can be done without face-to-face contact, so the spread of the disease is virtually impossible.  The economy must thrive during this period, so the ordering and delivering of products can be done as usual, with no personal contact.

To feed the long-haul truckers, the truck stops could have an app that would allow truckers to order food from the restaurant and specify the spot they are in so it could be delivered to their vehicle.  The use of showers is probably not a good idea unless it could be done safely.

For the automotive industry, purchasing a vehicle would be best to do either before or after quarantine.  If the vehicle has to be ordered, this would help keep the automotive industry going by supplying them with future orders.

Beaches would be closed during this period to everyone.  Residents who live on the beach would have to order their food and other goods online just as others do.  They would have to stay indoors just as others do.  There could never be large gatherings of any kind!

Education would take place online only.  If the beaches are closed and education is done online only, the designated period for quarantine would be best implemented during the school season.  Students would have no reason to go to the beach when their studies should be the most important thing on their minds.

Please take the time to review this site and give me your input.  This is the most pressing issue of our times.

Thank You

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